It was a lovely Saturday morning. The sun was up but the weather was cool. Helena woke up earlier than her usual weekend time because she had to catch a flight going back to Anniston. Though she had been staying in that place for three days, but she had brought with her a luggage tucked in with clothes that seemed to be good for more than a week. On that morning, she thought of pulling off a casual outfit for her day of travel. But the usual dilemma of deciding what to wear was bugging her again She had a huge closet of high street and designer clothes but every time she walks in there, she seems to have nothing to wear.

Helena is often like that every time she needs to dress up for work or for an event. She won’t get done with the basics. She’s highly conscious when it comes to wearing something for the day. It’s all because she was in the fashion world for five years.

Fashion Writer Meets Plumbing Contractor In Anniston

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Helena used to work as a writer in a women’s fashion magazine. It was part of her job to be armed with the latest trends in fashion and beauty. She was once part of a corporate culture where colleagues wear Louboutin pumps and carry around the latest oversized Celine bags.  Working in a fashion editorial was something she loved to do. It was fulfilling and exciting. But it was one of most difficult and most trying times of her life. She works now as a freelance writer and works on her blog about fashion and travels.

Living on her own in a townhouse in Anniston was a choice she had made after she left the magazine company. She felt that an independent life was what she needed the most. It had allowed her to pursue her passions and interests. She had dealt with all the disadvantages of living alone. She had to do the house cleaning and dish washing without help. But tenacity was a valuable thing she had learned in the grueling industry of fashion. She can be chic wearing designer clothes and heels but she won’t think twice about getting messy and dirty like doing a plumbing job at her home. She wanted to be self-sufficient as possible and made many friends in the DIY industry. But that do-it-yourself plumbing which turned out to be nightmare was something she vowed not do again. She realized that calling a plumbing contractor in Anniston was a better idea.

Helena grew fond of living alone and being self-sufficient but she learned to ask help when things are beyond her skills and knowledge. She gets the freedom to live by her own rules but she needs a disciplined life. She is momentarily living a life where she need not follow the rules of other people nor seek approval and recognition from others. It’s just like having to wear something to express her individuality. Doing what she loves and wearing what she likes are the freedom she gets to enjoy as a single fashionable woman.

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