You can find a lot of ways how to make your own dress. You start by imagining the dress that you want to make and from there, you can make the dress that you like. To know the basics, here are some steps for you to learn in making your own dress.

Pattern to Choose

The first step is to choose what pattern you want to make in your dress. In choosing a patter for your dress, there are things that you must consider. The first thing is to know what your body type is or the person’s body type who will use the dress. It’s important to get the right measurements and be honest with your measurements so the dress you made will fit perfectly. What is the shape of your body? There are different shapes of a body, it can either be a pear shape, bottom heavy or top heavy. These are some things you need to consider in choosing a pattern for your dress.

Fabric to Select

If you already have the pattern for your dress and you already got the measurements for it, it’s now time to select the fabric that you’ll use for your dress. It’s very important to match the style of the pattern you made for your dress with a proper fabric. If it doesn’t match, you’ll have a problem with that because that can create a big fashion disaster. There are different fabrics to choose from in every pattern you make, it’s best to match them first and see if they will look good together. Learn how to pick and match fabric for every pattern chosen.

Forming Shape It’s best to create a good shape from the fabric and pattern chosen. The marks in the fabric you made will be bent and folded to accommodate the curves of your body. There are common shapes that form on the patterns of the dress. It’s essential to get the right shape for the dress you make.

Final Touch

Once everything is done, you need to check your work and see if there is anything that you need to change, change it right away. The common thing that you need to change is the measurement of the dress. Every detail must be made well and it should satisfy your eyes and your body.

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